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Jul 11, 2011 6:00am EDT
was just a time- passer and he wasn't even a big enough presence for the obama administration to fight for him to be their secretary of health and human services. i don't necessarily mean it as an insult to him or to the senate but let's face it, most of our elected officials even in the world's greatest deliberative chamber are interchangeable. >> you wrote this. "in a world where our choices aren't limited to john boehner and nancy pelosi, the survivors envy the dead." >> yes, i think that's true. >> and explain that? >> what "the declaration of independents" is about is how throughout virtually every aspect of our lives we are seeing greater individualization, personalization, the ability to mongrelize and hybridize our lives and our enjoyments and our very identities, and yet in politics we are still stuck between dr. jekyll and mr. hyde it's the wolf man versus frankenstein. who is really going to get fired up over nancy pelosi on the one hand or john boehner on the other. they are proxies or short-hands for the incredibly narrow range of choice that we actually have in elected of
Jul 3, 2011 8:00pm EDT
was a bit of a dandy. he was usually germany. the typical anarchist was heavy set with a big beard. he died his hair black. he always wore nice clothes. he became a leader of the anarchist community in chicago. he created a whole subculture of anarchist and social revolutionaries. >> what did they believe? >> all sorts of things. even among people who call themselves anarchists, it was a fairly aggressive group that he got around him. it was at one of his speeches in 1886 in chicago that he had finished speaking. it was a rainy and stormy night. they left it to go to a bar in the rain. a policeman arrived. someone on the sidewalk, we do not know who, tossed a bomb into the police. one person was killed. a number of others were wounded by the way. the police panicked and shot fires into the crowd. they probably hit each other more than the crowd. a policeman died in all. -- eight policemen died in all. this is a devastating attack on the country. there were rumors that anarchist would take over city hall. maybe this is the first attack in a takeover of the entire nation. there was a massive
Jul 3, 2011 11:00pm EDT
. he was going to deliver a big speech, but he also went up to niagara falls. and it was a bit of a victory lap. his presidency had been quite a success to that point. well, czolgosz had decided several days -- really, only several days before mckinley arrived, that he was going to kill him. he had gone out, and he bought a pistol. and he followed mckinley's whereabouts in the newspapers, which reported in great detail where the president was going to be, and he began tracking him throughout the fair. >> let me stop you a second and ask you, where did he come from to? where did he live when this happened in buffalo? >> he was -- this was part of the mystery of leon czolgosz. he had left his -- he was living with his family on a farm in ohio and just lazing about, not doing very much. he'd finally left around summertime in 1901. and where he had gone was a bit of a mystery. he told his family various stories. and he would kind of surface and offer some explanations about where he was going, but it was a bit unclear. we do know that, for some reason, he decided to go to buffalo,
Jul 17, 2011 8:00pm EDT
. this is an old barn in baltimore, believe it or not. these are just kind of -- i love going to a big city and doing all the normal stuff and then going to the back of town. this is an old jail in philadelphia. it still looks like this. i would not have wanted to go to prison there. or the neon signs. i spent a lot of time in the back of vegas. lookout fund that this is. >> and there is an old studebaker. >> they have all of these cars, but will they be here 20 years from now? the lighthouses. we have about 900. and we can have these. lighthouses were amazingly important to america. i have to put them away. this is an old candy man, and he is still there in new orleans. >> and you try to get the stories from these people? >> they are very interested in the data base. so you have to get this as well. this is what is so fascinating. america has a million sides. >> when you are out in the country, how do you keep track of everything? >> the library of congress does not let me submit anything without the data base. now i put the number of the shots, and exactly what this was, or i record where
Jul 4, 2011 6:00am EDT
was from an area that depended on foreign trade to an extent. the steel industry was very big in ohio at that time. so it was something he felt co-deliver for his constituents. it also suited him personally. as a student, he was a harder worker than he was bright. he was a bright guy, no doubt. but what he really brought to the party was just a willingness to really get down to it. so going over these was something that really appealed to him. also, there was a tremendous amount of negotiating over tariff tables and what industry -- you know, all the industries wanted some sort of protection. there was lots of horse-trading, deal making. this really appealed to mckinley and was something he acceled at. >> given what you know, if he were here today, a republican like he was then, would he fit in the party? >> it's a really good question. i don't think so. because his personality was such that he was a very modest guy who liked to work behind the scenes. i don't think anybody can produce a mckinley quote. he didn't give great speeches. co-deliver them, but there was no great word smithi
Jul 24, 2011 8:00pm EDT
of these jews live in the big cities in berlin and munich and so forth. so the average german, the average small guy in germany, had very little contact with jews. so any kind of an antisemitic attitude was very much an abstract. this was not true among members of the nazi party who loafed for whom this was one of the key reasons to be in this movement. >> was a device for them to get everybody start up if there were not made? >> it was a device. it did seem to be a device. but it suggests that, if it were a device, it had limited impact in terms of the broad german population, but a lot of power among those who were already thinking in those directions. >> you did something that you do not often see in a book. you quoted directly ian kershaw. most times, it is in a foot bow -- in a footnote or in the back. why did you do that? >> i did that because he is the man. other scholars will condemn me for this but i think he is the hitler scholar. when you have someone like that, you have to acknowledge as clearly and as upfront as you can and some of the things we have found are so fascinating. in one
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)